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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What's that? There's a clock that needs winding? I'm your man.

As any students, of university, A levels, or even GCSE level will know, revision is the most mindbendingly painful activity you can ever partake in. Regardless of how soon that exam is, quite literally anything seems more interesting than revision. You all know the score. Hell, earlier on I found myself sorting out the entire contents of each of the drawers in my room. To give you a picture of this, the drawers contain anything from dvd's and cd's I don't want (or as I like to call 'emergency presents'), cards for various different stores that I wasn't aware even still existed, and birthday and christmas cards (one of which wasn't mine. As in sent or received by. It was from a girl called Laura to a guy called Mike. I had no idea how this got here, but was suitably pleased that, judging by how regal the card was, and the high chance it didn't arrive, I may have caused a little bit of a row between Lozza and Micky). See, even babbling on about that is time-wasting rather than revising. It's just unbelievably boring. I understand it's point as we all need to refresh our mind when it comes to sitting in a room for 2 hours in complete silence and writing about one single mindnumbing topic. It just seems shit.
I mean, I'm not one who's all up for 'new teaching methods'. I had one teacher who, upon hearing Ofsted were coming round for an inspection, opted to do his entire class on powerpoint instead, using text boxes to 'reveal' hidden text. The class was riveting, naturally. I just wish there was a way to ensure that whatever we learnt in the first place just stays in our heads the first time around. In my case, maybe I should've paid a bit more attention rather than drawing dinosaurs in my notebook (/sketchbook) the first time around, but hey, nobody thinks of that at the time. Only ever when we're 3 days away from the exam. Anyway, Catchphrase is on and I simply can't miss it.

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I still haven't received an email back from the guy lost in Spain. I'm worried for his safety. Will keep you posted.