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Monday, 30 May 2011

The dangers of having a festival on your doorstep.

Ok. So not literally on your doorstep. Space, amongst other things, would be an issue. But 10 minutes away. So practically. Anyway, as amazing as it sounds (and was), there are issues. Events at our student union are either rappers, rnb artists, or of other genres that don't dunk my biscuit. When a half decent artist does roll into Hatfield, it's often dead as nobody has heard of them. When something like Slam Dunk festival (www.slamdunkmusic.com) rolls into our merry SU, it's time to make the most of it. Which is exactly what I did. Via the medium of alcoholic beverages.

By 4 in the afternoon, I was plum tuckered. The combination of an almost empty bar in one room, knowing a girl behind the bar which meant getting doubles for the price of singles, and ludicrously cheap bevvies dotted about the joint meant that I turned from sober student to drunken debaucher in a really short period of time. It doesn't help that, when in a drunken state, attractive bar staff can work their money grabbing tactics on me with no troubles.

"I'll have a JD and coke please"
"double? it's cheaper than two singles"
"I guess it is. Yes, a double"
"Would you like to donate to the staff tip pot?"
"Yes. I would. Here is a pound"

This was just one of many disastrous events that occured throughout, such as partying with a man triple my age during The King Blues' set, getting slightly confused when a girl from Front magazine was looking at her friend next to me and me thinking she was infact looking at me and performing a really camp wave, and talking to a man who claimed to be Senegalese and West Ham football player Demba Ba, regardless of the fact he wasn't nearly the same height or build. Or skin colour. I would imagine that this is a sign I should control myself a bit more. But then again, I wouldn't get to party with an old man, a Senegalese international striker, or get blanked by attractive girls. All of which are magic moments.

Over and out.