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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The pain is a lie

Listen To Key Words

Last Friday, I went to the dentist. I had a 'minor' filling. I was required to come back the following Monday for a 'larger' filling. I thought, "what's the difference, right? It won't hurt anymore than the last, surely?"

"Would you like some painkillers?"
"I'm sure I'll be fine"
"If you look like you are in agony, I'll stop"

Agony? Strange choice of words. Why not 'slight discomfort'? Or 'little niggle'?

Apparently because having a drill go to work on your molar is not just slight discomfort. Or a little niggle. It is absolutely agony. I mean, I know it is a DRILL going to work on my soft innocent teeth but holy shit, is it painful. As if I cheated on Snow White and she told her Seven Dwarves to get some sweet, sweet revenge on just a single tooth.

"Did it hurt?"
"it felt...funny" (I wanted to retain at least some male credentials here)
"yeah. I drilled your tooth away"

Sickness AND pain now? Thanks doc.

1.21 GIGA...What?

Back to the future 3. Arguably the worst of the three. Sitting watching it on Sunday for the epic final scene, I was shocked as I remembered just how lame it was. Which is very. And then I was shown this by Lucy Bond. And shit got triple as weird:


seriously, what the hell is that? What is he even doing? I could understand if he was having a pretend tug or something, but a weird 'Neo from Matrix 1' gesture? Before The Matrix even came out? Answers on a postcard/comment if you please.

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