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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cause whatever I did, whatever I said, I didn't mean it...

Ok. So, roughly five people have complained about the lack of new entries. If I'm honest, I got a little bit tired of it all. But hey, at least it's given me plenty of time to get some material to write some more entries, right?

One big issue that got missed was a trip to the delightful European city of Amsterdam. Which is exactly as seedy as it is portrayed. Not that this is a bad thing, mind. You couldn't walk down a street without being tempted by the 'aromas' of a local coffee house. And the Dutch are very friendly people. Well, most...

"Are you guys English?"
"We sure are"

This could have gone one of two ways. Either he was a big fan of the English, and we were about to be praised and loved, or he was a crazy Dutch national from the Dutch equivalent of Luton.

"Whereabouts you from?"
"OHHH! So, what football team you support?"

Risky territory. What if Millwall had a Dutch division?

"West Ham"
"Oh. Good. At least you aren't Chelsea"

Conversation over. I was ready to get out of there, and away from Amsterdamaged-at-birth.

"Why's that?" my buddy Sam pipes up

Now, what came next can only be described as a bellow. I'm saying this because cap locks doesn't quite cut it.

"BECAUSE I FUCKING HATE CHELSEA!!!" (notice the triple exclamation marks)


Much to our dismay, we had found a couple of new friends, who spent the next hour or so with us, discussing their disdain for Chelsea F.C. and how their Uncle is involved in 'the firm' of a popular London football club, who I cannot remember. If you look through my Amsterdam photos on Facebook, you will see him in a few. I have no need to tell you who he is. I think he's the kind of lad you just notice. For being a bit of a nutter.

As you would imagine, various other mishaps happened on our weekend away, so here are some of the best:

Bean ate 8 hotdogs, each from a different stand, in the space of an afternoon. It became a bit of a joke by number 6, 'the 'dam hotdog crawl '11'. And became a bit of a mess by number 2.

Phil smoked a pipe through his nose. It was really funny. It left him incredibly ill for two days.

Nick slept curled up on the bottom of my bed for a few hours. Then asked to get in. Then had the audacity to moan at me for only being in boxer shorts. He was fully clothed, including coat and shoes.

We accidentally walked into a Dutch national bar after I wrongly assumed it was playing the Liverpool game. We got coaxed into buying numerous beers whilst we got backed into the corner by 10 or so middle aged Dutchmen dancing to 'What's New Pussycat' followed by 'It's Not Unusual' followed by some sort of patriotic Dutch ballad.

Have a top 2012 everyone.