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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Walking in a winter wonderland

Autumn Wonderland

So, it's November the 1st. The Christmas lights have just been turned on in Oxford Street. I don't care that we still have almost two months to the big day. I love Christmas, and I don't care how early it is, I might just smash out the songs now.

It's a great time of year. Lots of parties, Christmas shopping in John Lewis, my birthday (not that it affects you that much), and people being really happy. As I write this, my housemate Peter has just burst into an impromptu version of All I Want For Christmas Is You, so it's clearly got to him. Christmas is a time of year that has everything. Romance, happiness, laughs, and even sadness when it's all over. I don't really have a reason for writing about Christmas. I have nowhere to go with it, but I got all seasonal all of a sudden. I'll try and write about something meaningful or funny now.


...I've not really got anything to write about here either. Is my life that depressing at the moment? How incredibly sombre. I could talk to you about going out dressed as Batman (for Halloween, mind). My non-existent love life. My dinner (Thai curry). Oh, wait, got something, you can carry on. I went to Freeze Fest in London this weekend with my pal Marcus. We had a great time and saw bundles of top bands like Everything Everything, Joy Formidable, and Summer Camp. What really stood out though was the amount of arseholes there. Whilst watching The Streets, some guys sitting next to us at the side got up and mad headway for the crowd. They'd been kicking this girls back and throwing stuff at her (oddly, they pulled, which puts 'nice guys finish last' into perspective I imagine) for a while, and being generally not cool. I saw them running back through the crowd towards us and guessed they'd lost something. They had. 

A brand spanking new iPhone 4s sat about a foot away from me. Shit. I could comfortably grab that and live like a king for the term. Spending money for Amsterdam, great presents for Christmas, and Dominos 2-4-Tuesdays for months. I reached over, and picked it up. I saw them frantically looking for something on the ground, and asked if they'd lost something.

"yeah, my new phone!"

"Here you go mate, found it a second ago"

He was gobsmacked.

"You're the most honest man I've ever met. If I was gay I'd marry you!"

"That's fine, I'm not gay myself actually"

I thought about what he said. Am I that honest? I mean, really, the thought of not giving that back to him never crossed my mind. But I'm not honest all the time. Especially with telling people what I really mean, or feel. I guess there's a difference between being good, and being completely honest.

Over and out.