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Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That.

So I haven't got much to talk about, but I fancied writing anyway. So I decided I'd form a mish-mash entry about lots of things that have happened to me this past week, as well as other past weeks. So, just stuff that's happened to me. Here we go.


If you've seen me recently, you'll know I bloody love using the word torrid. It means 'really shit' so naturally it gets a lot of use from me. I was thinking though, it's common knowledge that the word 'ginormous' isn't a real word, and is in fact a combination of gigantic and enormous, but is torrid similar? Is torrid a combo of terrible and horrid? Or is horrid a combo of horrible and torrid?!?!? The drama is unparamount. 

Reading that back, I would blame none of you if you closed this tab right now and never came back to this blog, as holy shit, that was a bore. Apologies. I'll try something a bit more interesting to discuss next.

The perfect condiment for fresh fish

....that wasn't very funny, was it?

Going Hobo, down in Acapulco 

So, today was my last day at good ol' Superdry Romford. Sad times indeed. I'll miss out on some amusing banter, trying to get the two Friendly Fires tracks on the work computer into a dance playlist made up mainly of artists with 'van' or 'le' in their names, the awkward customer moments like when you walk in on them having a domestic in the changing rooms, the money to be able to do things....

why did I quit?

Over and out.

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