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Friday, 7 September 2012

Irish Smirish

Admitedly, I should have guessed when I walked in that this wasnt the pub I was searching for. Looking for an oneills to watch Ireland kick off their world cup campaign, I consulted google maps, only to be given a crude image that showed me to be far away, then close, then far away again. 

I spotted an irish pub and decided to risk it. Now, as I walked in, the fact they were playing 'let me lick you up and down...' says a lot, but the 5 people in here were giving me evil looks, so this young upstart from the city decided to balls up.

I immediately realised, after asking for a pint of smithwicks and hearing the barmans accent, this was Irish in name only. 

"you lads playing the ireland game?"

"no, why?"

"sorry, i just gathered by the sign"

"oh...no, sorry" 

It took me roughly 5 minutes to see i'd walked through the wrong door into the pub next door, a student bar called varsity. I realised why the barman was staring. Great. 

I finished my carslberg and left.