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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

2 tonne trouble

Not having a job, although massively frees up seven out of seven days in a week, often limits the amount of money you have coming in to your bank account. It varies from none to very, very little, and is few and far between.

That is why, today, when a cheque popped through the letter box of number 35, I was ecstatic (partly because I really, really need a haircut, it's like a Furby gone wrong right now). The deposit from living in my hell-hole of a uni house has finally arrived back in my mits, all £250...wait...what? £200.67? What mess could I have possibly left that has resulted in me owing £49.33?

"Jack's room was not cleaned at all". Oh...well. Certainly not the case, I spent a good 10 minutes glueing on a broken door handle.

"Furniture not moved". Now we're getting a bit silly. I never said I was an expert at Feng Shui now, did I?

"Desktop not cleaned". You didn't include a coaster.

"Doorbell missing". It played Mary Had A Little Lamb every hour. It's self explanatory why it's not there.

Apparently, cleaning my window cill and frame cost £30. If you know the right guy, you could get a new one and have change. I expect the new one is made from some sort of rich mahogany.