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Friday, 10 June 2011

Dew I know you?

As far as days go, today was not one of the best. I lost a job I haven't started yet. I found out I need to retake an exam even though I passed. I had to pay £1.45 for a Capri Sun. All painful events in downward spiral. I could moan for hours about these events. But no. Instead, I'm going to discuss the polar opposite. For this day wasn't full of bad. Instead, it had some good tossed in there for good mix. Like the unhealthy stuff in a salad, helping you have a nice meal and feel all healthy, all at once.

Pulling the usual 'sorry mate, can I just pop out of the station for the toilet?' trick when buying the Kings Cross to Upminster single left me free to explore the West End and visit a shop I'd heard about that sells all sorts of special (note: sugary as shit and not legally sold over here) treats. Due to a shop in Hatfield, where my uni is, selling Mountain Dew Original for 60p a can, I've developed somewhat of an addiction for the stuff and was hoping that this den of debauchery may have some of the other flavours. 

They did. Four different ones. All with a different zing (note two: probably just different amounts of sugar/goo from a Giant Worms tail like Slurm). Having hastily purchased one of each, and strolling toward Orbital Comics, I cracked out the first....then second...third...and finally fourth. I felt a little bit 'light' reading through a potential comic I may buy (/would never buy but fancied a read regardless) and the strangest thing happened. I mean, I'm not wholeheartedly saying this was the cause but my hayfever dissapeared. Not there at all. Nor is it now, at 8:05pm as I write this. I'm considering marketing my new found cure to Mountain Dew. There's probably laws protecting such a sugary concoction, but it's worth a punt at least. 

Besides, after it's worn off, I'll probably be a sneezing mess again. 

Over and out.

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